Sydney Brick Layers

Why Brick?

If you’re searching for Sydney Brick Layers to build a home, you have a lot of things to think about. And none more important than the material you build your home from, at which point we urge you to Think Brick. Brick insulates in a way most materials do not. It keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer, saving on energy bills and making your home a more comfortable place to be.

Cool in Summer

Have you ever touched the side of a brick house on a warm day? You can feel the bricks absorbing the warmth.
It takes around 6 hours for this heat to make its way through the brick, by which time the heat of the day has gone and the afternoon breeze has begun to cool the bricks again. This ability to hold temperature, significantly reducing its transfer into the house, is called thermal mass.

Warm in Winter

Of course, thermal mass also works in winter. Outside the house it is a barrier against cold winds, while inside the house it absorbs sunlight during the day and radiates the heat back into the house at night, significantly reducing heating bills in a way lightweight materials cannot.

Up to 25% savings on your energy bills

Did you know heating and cooling make up 39%* of the average home’s energy use? By combining bricks and insulation in your home, you can save on heating and cooling, decreasing your energy bills by up to 25%*. That’s around $500 a year in savings.
What’s more, with energy bills predicted to rise in the next few years, these savings are only going to get bigger.

Lifecyle Performance

Life cycle analysis is not just about the energy used to create a material (embodied energy), but also the energy used once the house is built (energy efficiency). Thanks to brick’s thermal mass, a brick house performs across all areas of a life cycle analysis: durable and long lasting, energy efficient, and low maintenance.

So, if you assume a brick home will stay standing for 50 years, then brick’s overall energy efficiency performance is similar to that of other popular building materials. But the longer a brick home stands beyond that, the more energy efficient it becomes across its life.


Once it’s built, brick remains weatherproof and age proof, with minimal upkeep. It doesn’t get tired like other man-made materials, giving you both a sound mind and a sound home.

Sound Insulation

Whether between rooms within a home or from noise outside, brick provides superior sound insulation. So whether it’s the garbage truck outside at 5am or your teenager’s drum kit at 11pm, you can enjoy more peace and quiet in your own home.

Think Long Lasting

Brick doesn’t need paint or other treatments to maintain aesthetics and durability. Even after 50 years it is still strong, reliable and relatively maintenance free, saving you on the cost and time required to upkeep lighter weight materials.

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