Sydney Bricklaying

Design, durability, thermal comfort, sustainability

There are plenty of reasons to choose Bricklaying as your choice for your Sydney home project, including sustainability , durability, thermal comfort and the many design possibilities. No other building materials tick quite as many boxes.

  • Sustainability
  • Durability
  • Thermal Comfort
  • Design
  • Weather Proof
  • Age Proof
  • No Rust
  • No Rot or Decay
  • No Bending
  • No Twisting
  • No Warping
  • Fire Proof

Brick has long been a popular choice with architects and building designers because it blends easily with existing buildings while offering endless sculptural capabilities as well as intricate detailing.

The latest trends in open plan living are easily achieved with brick and there is the added benefit of excellent sound insulation. There are now over 800 colours to choose from and many different finishes from sleek glossy blacks and metallics to rough-hewn rustic bricks with a hand-crafted appearance.

Whether the site is a contemporary cliff-top retreat, inner-city live/work terrace, school, art gallery or heritage restoration project, there are bricks to suit any building style.

Climate Design

Now, more than ever, climate design is a critical element to the modern design process


Brick is permanent. Once it’s built it remains weatherproof and age proof. Brick doesn’t get tired like man-made materials, so it requires virtually no upkeep or repairs. Bricks don’t rust or erode, rot or decay, bend, twist or warp. Brick is a great protector – against the extremes of the Australian climate – heat and cold.

Australia is a country of extremes. At any one time, different parts of our continent can be experiencing bushfires, floods, severe storms and drought. And climate change researchers suggest that conditions may soon become even more extreme.


Bricks are non-combustible and don’t assist the spread of fire, making them ideal for building in bushfire-prone areas. Clay bricks normally do not suffer any structural damage after a fire and can be re-used even as load bearing walls. After all, Bricks are kiln-fired at temperatures up to 1200 degrees Celsius (a standard kitchen oven operates up to about 250 degrees Celsius).

Bricks alone won’t fire proof a building – timber and plastic are flammable and glass shatters in the heat – but building in brick will provide a strong foundation to protecting your investment.


Bricks don’t get attacked by pests – termites don’t eat it, rats don’t gnaw at it, birds can’t stain it. Bricks are unattractive to termites because they can’t chew them – unlike timber. Cavity brick construction offers the ultimate in termite resistance, by eliminating timber framing in walls.


Most brick colours and textures hide rain streaking, whereas plain or painted wall finishes such as render tend to show these and if damaged, are expensive and time-consuming to repair.
Salt-safe and exposure grade bricks
If you are building within 1km of surf coast and 100m of non-surf coast, or on harsh soils (such as former tip sites or converted industrial land) you should use Exposure Grade bricks. These bricks are made to withstand high salt conditions. In conditions like these, Exposure Grade bricks are the most affordable building material – designed for harsh Australian conditions.

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